Potential Sources Of Failure For Your Boiler

27 March 2023
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Hot water is essential in your daily life, and a faulty boiler can be a major inconvenience. Whether it is for taking a shower, washing dishes, or doing laundry, you consistently rely on your boiler to provide warmth and hot water. Unfortunately, boilers sometimes fail to deliver hot water, leaving you without hot water or heat.

Pilot Light Failures And Issues

If you are experiencing a lack of hot water from your boiler, the first thing to check is the pilot light. A common issue is a pilot light that is not remaining lit. A pilot light is a small flame that is always lit and used to ignite the gas burners. When it goes out, your boiler will not be able to heat the water.

The pilot light is usually located behind a small access panel on the front of the boiler. If it is out, follow the manufacturer's instructions to relight the pilot light. If your pilot light is burning, but your boiler still will not heat the water, the issue could be with a faulty or dirty burner.

Faulty Thermostats

If you have checked the pilot light and it is not the issue, the next thing to investigate is the thermostat. The most basic problem you may encounter is an incorrectly set thermostat. Sometimes, the thermostat may be set too low, which can cause the boiler to stop heating the water.

If your thermostat is correctly set but still not working, it could be due to a malfunction. Over time, the thermostat can become faulty or damaged, losing its temperature control capabilities. In this case, replacing the thermostat may be the best option. You can do this yourself, but it is usually best to consult the manufacturer's instructions or hire a qualified technician to ensure a safe and proper replacement.

Valve Or Pump Issues

If neither the pilot light nor the thermostat is the problem, the next area to investigate is the valves and pumps in your boiler system. The first issue you may encounter is a closed or malfunctioning valve. If a valve that controls the flow of hot water to your taps is closed, the water will not flow through the boiler and get heated. Similarly, if a valve is not working correctly, it can restrict the water flow and prevent it from reaching the necessary temperature. In this case, you need to locate the valve and ensure it is fully open.

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