Causes Of Poor Airflow In Heating Systems

11 November 2022
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Many households invest in heating systems to keep them warm during the chilly winters. These units depend on airflow to heat your residence and prevent moisture from clinging to one area. However, you may experience weak airflow if the heating appliance malfunctions. Because diagnosing your unit for malfunctions non-professionally can lead to incorrect conclusions, you should engage an HVAC contractor. They will assess the appliance, identify issues and remedy the system defects for seamless operation in delivering your home's comfort. The following are four causes of poor airflow in your furnace:

Limited Return Air Vents

A furnace features a closed-loop system where the heating appliance blows hot air into your house. Subsequently, the same amount circulates back through the vents until the unit attains the set temperature. However, your living space may become pressurized if the vents are inadequate for expelling the air. Moreover, too few return vents restrict the unit's airflow, exerting more strain on the components. This results in reduced heating output and poor airflow from the vents.

Dirty Air Filters

Furnace air filters remove airborne pollutants to facilitate clean air circulation. Over time, these filters may clog with contaminants, obstructing airflow into the system. As a result, the heating appliance blows a limited amount of air to your vents. In addition, dirty filters cause the system to overwork in drawing sufficient air for heating, making it run in overdrive. This increases wear and tear on the components while spiking your energy bills. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire an HVAC  professional to clean or change your filters regularly for proper airflow into the system.

Damaged or Blocked Ductwork

Your heating system uses the ducts as air passages to circulate hot air across your home via vents. However, the ducts are subject to expansion and contraction due to constant temperature fluctuations. As such, the ducts may deteriorate, causing them to disengage and leak air. Moreover, if critters infest your ductwork, they may nest in this network and block airflow. Consequently, you will experience poor airflow from the damaged or blocked ducts.

Electrical Failure

Your furnace depends on the fan to force heated air from the system into your home. However, an electrical malfunction can restrict the blower's operation. For instance, the capacitor can degrade over time, losing its ability to power up the motor. As a result, the fan may run at low speeds, causing weak airflow from the vents.

A weak flow of air results in an indoor atmosphere uncomfortable for your household members. Thus, you should schedule routine maintenance with an HVAC contractor to keep your system running effectively.