3 Plumbing Facts That Can Save You Money

3 June 2022
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Your plumbing is a critical part of what makes your house a livable home. Without reliable plumbing, you couldn't enjoy many modern conveniences you probably take for granted. While plumbing is a complex trade and issues often require the help of a professional, there are still some things that every homeowner should know about their home's plumbing. 

If you want to make sure that you can quickly solve plumbing issues and even save some money in the process, here are three facts that you should know about the pipes in your house.

1. Small Leaks Can Cause Big Problems

Plumbing can leak for numerous reasons. Leaks typically occur at fittings where two pipes join together, but you may also experience failures due to physical damage, corrosion, or other problems. Since plumbing issues can have many underlying causes, leaks can also vary in size and severity. Unfortunately, even a tiny leak can lead to significant problems.

Water will work its way down along the path of least resistance, allowing it to enter cracks and crevices where it can promote rot and mold growth. Even if a leak seems minor, you should attempt to address it as soon as possible to avoid causing more damage. Allowing leaks to continue can often lead to far more expensive water damage issues.

2. Sewer Odors Are Never Normal

You rely on your home's sewer connection to safely and cleanly eliminate wastewater from your home, and your plumbing has numerous features to keep the less pleasant aspects away from your living space. For example, your plumbing will have one or more vents to direct sewer gases outside, and every drain will include a trap feature to block these gases from returning.

If you can smell a sewer odor from one or more drains, you shouldn't assume that it's an everyday problem that will pass. The issue may be as simple as an infrequently used drain pipe drying out, but it may also be an early warning sign of a sewer backup or blocked vent. Always contact a professional if you begin to detect unpleasant odors from one or more of your drains.

3. Plumbing Requires Maintenance

You might not think about your home's plumbing until something goes wrong, but your pipes require routine maintenance to avoid problems. At a minimum, you may need to drain your water heater at least once per year. You may also want to schedule routine annual drain cleanings to avoid blockages and backups. Some plumbers offer line inspections during drain cleaning jobs to look for issues.

Working with a professional to maintain your pipes will help you avoid many of the most expensive and messy problems that can occur with residential plumbing. 

Reach out to a plumbing services company for more information.