Is Your AC Unit Making A Squealing Noise? Find Out Why

12 May 2022
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Modern air conditioners are designed to operate silently as they have incorporated sound-damping technology to lower the noise levels. Therefore, when your AC starts making abnormally loud noises, it is a sign of malfunctioning. Hiring an AC repair specialist to diagnose the system is vital. They will ascertain the cause of the noise and repair it before it escalates to expensive repairs or even replacement of the whole system. If your AC is producing a squealing noise, the following could be the reasons why.

 The Fan Belt Is Worn Out or Misaligned

Most traditional ACs have a belt that connects the fan to the motor. When temperatures and humidity levels rise, the belt will expand and contract, causing it to stretch and become fragile. This results in the belt wearing out or slipping out of position, causing a squealing sound from the AC appliance. If this happens, contact an AC repair specialist to align the belt to its initial position or replace it if it is worn out.

Malfunctioning Condenser Fan

If you notice a squealing sound emanating from the back of your AC, your condenser fan could be faulty. This is because dust, soot, and lint accumulate during the condenser's fan operation, hindering the fan's spinning. Foreign objects such as plastics and sticks can also get caught while the fan blades spin causing them to bend hence rubbing through the housing. This will result in the AC squealing. Therefore, you should hire an AC repair technician to clean the fan and replace the fan blades.

Leakage of the Compressor's Lubricant

When there is a leak in the oil that lubricates the compressor, the unlubricated parts become exposed to a lot of friction. The bearing eventually wears out and causes a high-pitched squeal sound as metal rubs against another metal. If the bearings freeze up due to a lack of lubricant, the belt will produce a squeal as it cannot spin the compressor. It is important that you hire an AC repair expert to repair the leak and lubricate and replace the bearings. Furthermore, they will repair the casing that holds the bearings that could have been damaged as the bearings rub against it.

An AC equipment that is producing squealing sounds can cause discomfort and compromise the unit's efficiency. Therefore, you should contact an AC repair professional to diagnose the AC, identify the cause of the sound and fix it.

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