4 Reasons You Need Air Conditioning Services To Do Air Balancing

12 January 2022
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Do you walk into different rooms in the house and feel differences in temperature while the AC is on? These differences indicate an uneven distribution of air from the AC unit. The temperature fluctuations can feel uncomfortable, especially for young children and seniors. It also reduces the energy efficiency of the AC. Airflow imbalance is caused by problems with the ductwork, including leaky joints, perforations, wrong sizes, and sharp curves. Air conditioning services can diagnose airflow imbalances with tests in volume and pressure of supply and return airflows. They then do proper air balancing by sealing, repairing, patching, or replacing the ductwork. So, what do you get from optimal air balancing?

1. Improve Comfort in the Whole House 

When air is equally distributed, you get an evenness in temperature in each room. It makes all parts of the house comfortable to relax, sleep or work. Also, you get full functionality for the space; for example, all bedrooms will be warm and cozy, instead of a few favorite ones.

2. Reduce Energy Costs

Having an even temperature in every room means less energy to adjust temperatures for the whole house. If you have fluctuating temperatures in different rooms, you will use the AC more than necessary to make all spaces comfortable, using up more energy. AC services air balancing ensures optimal temperatures to avoid this problem and promote energy efficiency. 

3. Eliminate Duct Leaks

Duct leaks can be expensive to repair, especially when they are hard to detect and locate. Water condenses in the ductwork of the AC system. It then drips from the ceiling and forms damp patches at various places in the house. This results in dampness, rusting of your indoor fixtures, and mold problems. 

However, duct leakage problems can be solved with air balancing. Air conditioning services will identify leaks when diagnosing and testing airflow. These leaks will then be patched and sealed to remedy the problem. 

4. Improve Air Quality 

You assume air to be filtered and cleaned by the filters of the AC unit. However, it may not be safe for your health if defective ductwork allows in bacteria, dust mites, and other pollutants that cause respiratory problems. 

Air balancing will rid these pollutants from the returning air from all rooms in the house. It ensures the filters work effectively and seals different loopholes for contamination. It safeguards your family from problems such as hay fever.

Is your air conditioner's effectiveness doubtful? Talk to air conditioning services about testing for and fixing any problems with airflow balance.

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