4 Helpful Tips For Getting More Years Of Efficient Service From Your Air-Conditioning Equipment

15 November 2021
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Air-conditioning equipment can last for several years, and the better you take care of the condenser and air handler, the longer they last. Another benefit of maintaining your AC is that the equipment runs more efficiently, which helps your power bills stay lower. Here are some helpful tips for helping your AC run efficiently and providing you with more years of service.

1. Take Changing The Filter Seriously

It's important to change the filter on your AC before it gets too dusty. When your air conditioner is in operation every day, the filter might need to be changed once a month. In addition, be sure to buy the right replacement filter. If you use the wrong type of filter or let the filter get coated with dust, your AC could struggle to draw in air and overheat or shut itself down.

2. Consider Switching To A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can save money on your power bill by ensuring the AC doesn't work hard to keep your house cool when your home is empty. Since your AC won't work as hard and run as long each day, your equipment ages slower and could potentially last longer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your air conditioner can struggle on the hottest days of the summer. Rather than lower the setting on the thermostat when it's unbearably hot outside, consider making things easier on your equipment by using a smart thermostat, running a fan, or using a dehumidifier to help control the indoor temperature in your home.

3. Check The Ducts Occasionally

If your AC isn't keeping you comfortable, look around for the cause. If you don't find a problem you can fix, call an air-conditioning repair service right away rather than run the equipment when it isn't functioning properly. When you look for the source of the problem, you might find a leaking duct is letting cool air escape in your attic.

When a duct leaks, your AC might need to run longer each day to keep your home cool. This runs up your power bill and wears out your equipment faster. You can look for a duct leak yourself and repair it with repair tape or mastic sealant. If you think a duct is leaking and you can't find where the leak is, call an AC repair professional to do a pressure test on the ducts to find the problem area so your equipment can run optimally again.

4. Keep The Equipment Clean And Serviced

Both the air handler and condenser have to be clean and in good repair to run efficiently. This requires annual service from an air-conditioning professional. It's best to have a service call in the spring before you need to start using the AC. Then when it's time to turn on the AC, you can rest assured it's clean and the parts are in good working order.