3 Smells That Indicate An Issue With Your AC Unit

15 June 2021
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Your air conditioning system is designed to run without issues for a long time. But, usually, there comes a time when it needs to be repaired. Among the common indicators that may necessitate the services of HVAC contractors is a bad smell from your AC. But how can you tell that a smell is linked to a particular problem in your air conditioning unit? Here's an overview of AC smells to watch out for and the issues behind them.

1. Your AC is producing a rotten egg smell

If your air conditioning unit produces a rotten egg smell, then chances are you have a dead animal stuck in your unit. Rodents and birds sometimes turn your ductwork into their home, and when they get trapped inside and die, they'll produce a rotten egg smell. The other reason for such a smell is a natural gas leak.

Keep in mind that natural gas is odorless, but to signal homeowners of a dangerous leak, AC manufacturers add a rotten smell. Therefore, the moment you notice such a smell, ensure that you get in touch with experienced HVAC contractors to check for gas leak signs or remove dead animals if present.

2. You can smell something that's burning 

A burning odor is a sign that you have a wiring problem or an overheating motor. There are also chances your air conditioning compressor or fan may be the cause of the problem. In addition, when you have a dirty air filter, it restricts airflow, which makes the electric resistance heaters overheat, resulting in a burning smell. 

Sometimes your unit can produce a burning odor when it starts, especially in the fall. If this happens, wait for half an hour to see if it dissipates, but if it doesn't, switch off your unit and seek HVAC contractor services. Your HVAC technician will troubleshoot your AC, find the source of the burning odor, and make appropriate repairs.

3. Your air conditioner smells damp and musty

As your air conditioner runs, there will be condensation in your unit. Therefore, if there's no proper moisture drainage, it can escape through your unit's ducts. The moisture can lead to mold growth and cause a damp, musty smell. You can resolve this issue by contacting HVAC contractors to clean your air filters. 

Don't let the foul odor from your AC ruin the ambiance of your home. In case you note any of the above smells, seek the help of experienced HVAC contractors.