The Air Conditioning System Repairs Your Business Will Need This Summer

17 May 2021
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The summer months can be hard on commercial HVAC systems, and you want to be prepared for repairs. There are different issues that you may have to deal with as the weather gets warmer. The problems with your air conditioning can make your business uncomfortable and raise your summer energy costs. The following are air conditioning system problems you may need to deal with to keep your business running:

Damage Cooling Towers

Many commercial AC systems use cooling towers instead of a conventional condensation unit. These are the rooftop components that you often see on buildings. During the summer months, the AC constantly running can cause problems with cooling tower components to fail. Often, these issues are just due to wear, and they can easily be repaired if they are caught in time.

Electrical Problems

There may also be electrical problems that need to be repaired. One common electrical AC problem is an AC capacitor failing. These problems can cause the system to not turn on when it is needed and cause issues with other mechanical systems in your business. There may also be issues with the main power switch to the AC system and the electrical wiring. An AC system repair service can inspect and repair any issues with the electrical wiring.

Blower Problems

Commercial AC systems also use powerful blowers to circulate air. These are other components that can fail during the summer months. The blower may have problems with debris, damaged fan blades, or issues with the motor. These are often problems that start in summer and get worse as your AC runs more frequently. The blower may make noises, and there will be reduced airflow if there is a problem. Because of the larger size of a commercial system, there may be a noticeable difference with the AC running more frequently and the energy costs being higher.

Leaking HVAC Plumbing

There is also plumbing of your HVAC system that can leak. With commercial systems, there may be different lines for things like condensation line drains. If your system uses a cooling tower, the chiller may also have plumbing that can wear and needs to be repaired during the summer months. If there are leaks, you want to have them repaired before they also lead to serious water damage issues.

The repairs your AC system needs during the summer months can be minor problems, or they can be issues that affect operations. Contact an air conditioning system repair service to fix these issues when you have problems.