4 Furnace Repair Tips to Help You Get Ready to Turn the Heating off And Crank up the AC This Summer

8 May 2020
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As the weather gets warmer, you have probably already turned the heating off in your home. This does not mean the maintenance and repairs to your furnace still are over. There are some things that you will want to do now to get ready to crank up the AC and ensure you do not have problems when it is time to turn the heating back on when the weather gets cold again. The following furnace repair tips will help you get ready to turn your heating off and crank the AC up this summer.

Check the Air Filter and Ductwork for Damage and Make Sure Dampers are Working

The first task that you need to do before turning off the heating in your home is changing the air filter. In addition to changing the filter, you will also want to repair any damaged ducts that have air leaks. You will also want to adjust dampers or make sure automatic dampers are working correctly. If there are problems with the dampers in HVAC ducts, a furnace repair service will be able to help fix them before summer when you will be needing your AC to keep your home cool.

Clean the Furnace Unit and Make Sure There is Not Any Damage That Needs to Be Repaired

The furnace unit needs to be cleaned to ensure it is working properly. This is something that you will want to do several times a year to reduce wear and damage to your heating system. Therefore, you may want to talk to a furnace repair service about cleaning your system this spring before you turn the heating off for the year.

Make Sure There are Not Any Electrical Problems That Need to Be Repaired Before Turning the Heating Off

There are also a lot of electrical problems that can cause serious damage to the furnace and your AC. Therefore, you want to make sure to check for problems with worn or frayed wires, as well as shorts and damage to the circuitry of the furnace. These are repairs that can cause electrical fire hazards, and you will want to have them repaired before you quit using the heating and turn on your AC.

Revise the Thermostat and Make Sure It is Working When You Turn Heating off and Crank up the AC

The last area that you will want to check is the HVAC thermostat. During the winter months, the batteries can become worn down and you may want to replace them before you start using your cooling system. In addition, you may want to consider talking to the furnace repair service about upgrading the thermostat before you start using your AC this summer.

These are some furnace repair tips to help you get ready to turn the heating off and crank up the AC this summer. If you need help with repairs and servicing your AC to get ready for summer, contact a furnace repair service.