3 Little Things You Can Try While Waiting For Your HVAC Technician

28 May 2019
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Have you recently discovered that your air conditioner isn't working the way that it should be? Are you about to set up an appointment with someone to come in and fix it but you also want immediate results? Depending on what the actual problem is, it may or may not be possible for you to do anything about the situation on your own. However, there are still a few things that you can try to see if they work for you and your air conditioning system. A few things that you may have overlooked include the following.

Change batteries: If you have a modern digital thermostat, it may not be wired directly to your air conditioning system. Instead, it may work off of wifi to send signals to the A/C unit. Some of these thermostats may be wired to the electrical system for power, but others are not. When the batteries start running low, the signal may no longer be able to reach the receiver. When this happens, the air conditioner isn't going to be able to turn on and off at the appropriate times. There may still be something wrong with the system, but changing the batteries may still give some relief until the HVAC contractor you've contacted is able to come out and take a look.

Replace filter: If you're always tardy about changing your air filter, treating it as something optional instead of required, you may be at the point where your only choice now is to have an HVAC contractor install a brand new air conditioning unit. A clean filter helps keep dust out of the system, preventing it from building up and blocking the functionality of the unit. Dirty filters cause the unit to work harder and may result in overheating and the AC shutting itself off prematurely. Changing the filter to a brand new one may temporarily relieve the issue long enough for a professional to take a look at the system.

Turn off all power: Almost everything has computer chips in it these days, and air conditioning systems are no exception. Unfortunately, anything with a computer chip could eventually face programming issues that need to be resolved by an experienced HVAC contractor. The unit may think that a sensor is telling it something when it's actually a bug or a glitch in the system. Shutting off the circuit that leads to the air conditioner and pulling all of the batteries out of your thermostat may result in the inconvenience of having to reprogram all of your settings, but there's also a good chance that it'll force the unit to work again, at least for a little while.

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