Should You Install A New Central AC In Your Elderly Parent's Home?

24 April 2019
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Caring for an elderly parent can be difficult on you personally and physically. If you have to maintain your loved one's home, your stress levels can increase substantially. One of the things you may worry about is your loved one's cooling system. If the central AC isn't functioning properly, it can quickly make your loved one's home unsafe. Learn why you should install a new air conditioning system in your loved one's house below.

Why Does Your Loved One Need a New AC?

If your loved one suffers from pneumonia, asthma, allergies, or another respiratory problem, they need a clean home to keep them in good health. An old or malfunctioning cooling system can allow airborne contaminants to invade your loved one's environment. If the air quality in your senior parent's home is poor, they may experience serious complications with their health.

In addition to air quality problems, an old cooling system can break down repeatedly. If a break down occurs during the summer, it can be exceptionally dangerous for your senior parent. Some elderly individuals lose their ability to regulate their body temperature, which can lead to heat strokes and other heat-related conditions. 

Don't wait until your loved one's cooling system fails or causes health problems for them. Install a new air conditioning system now.

Who Can Install Your Loved One's AC?

The most important thing you can do is have an HVAC contractor install your loved one's cooling system for you. There are many things to do during the installation that you might not consider, including size. If the units are too small, they might not perform as well during the summer. If the units are too large, they may use too much energy or overwhelm the home's electrical system. The new units must be functional enough to cool the home properly but efficient enough to keep your loved one's energy costs down

A contractor may also need to install or connect new air ducts and vents to the new units. The old ducts and vents may be too old and worn out to support the new system properly. The ducts must be strong enough to convey cool air all summer long, even during extremely hot days. If a contractor needs to do anything else to prepare the home for the installation, they'll inform you immediately. 

Don't wait to replace your loved one's cooling system. Contact anair conditioning installation company today for an appointment.