3 Care Tips That Can Keep Your AC Unit Running Great For Years

19 December 2018
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During the summer months, the AC unit plays a major role in cooling your home. So that it continues running smoothly, you need to put some time and effort into its maintenance. This doesn't have to be challenging if you remember these care tips. 

Change Out the Air Filter 

One of the more important components of your AC is the air filter, which is designed to keep particles like dirt and debris from entering your HVAC system. However, at some point, this filter needs to be replaced.

Typically, these filters need to be changed every couple of months. To verify this change, take the filter out of its housing unit and hold it in some light. If both sides are covered completely in dust or dirt, it's time to find a replacement. You have many great options to choose from, but you need to make sure you get the sizing down perfectly for an optimal fit.

Install a Small Fence Around the Outside Unit

The outside unit is prone to getting dirty with things like leaves, plants, and even trash. These things could potentially harm your outside unit, ultimately leading to a costly repair. That's why it's so important to set up a protective fence around it.

When you do, this unit will not be as prone to getting dirty. You can easily keep the fins and the internal components clean for months. You have many fencing material options to choose from today as well, such as vinyl, wood, and metal. 

Have Unit Inspected Regularly

Once a year, it's highly recommended to have your AC unit inspected by a licensed and trained HVAC specialist, even if nothing seems to be wrong. These specialists will check important components, such as the coils, air ducts, blower motor, and fins on the outside unit.

If any problems are present that you may have overlooked, the specialist will give you a detailed report. This way, you can fix issues before they get any worse and cost you a lot of money. While this specialist is inspecting your unit, they can also show you maintenance tips that will come in handy over the years. Then, you won't have to worry as much about potential complications.

No matter what type of AC unit is equipped in your home, you need to put as much effort as you can into maintaining it. Create a care schedule that is thorough and don't be afraid to get help from the pros. Contact a service, like TCS Heating & Air Conditioning, for more help.