Commercial Coatings For Your HVAC Unit

7 August 2018
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Heating and air conditioning are essential elements for any commercial space. The HVAC units that help produce the heated or cooled air required to maintain comfortable interior temperatures can be unsightly.

By making the choice to have your commercial HVAC unit coated with a protective layer, you can improve the aesthetic of your unit while actively preventing corrosion that might compromise the function of your HVAC system.

Architectural Coatings

When your concerns about the appearance of your HVAC unit are primarily about the aesthetic impact the unit has on your commercial building, then an architectural coating can be beneficial. These coatings can be matched to the exact color of your building's exterior or your commercial roofing materials. You even have the option of creating a custom color palette that can transform your HVAC unit from an eyesore to a piece of art. Take advantage of the aesthetic improvements an architectural coating can offer your HVAC unit in the future.

Anti-Corrosive Coatings

Corrosion can affect your HVAC unit in a couple of different ways. Pitting occurs when the metal components of your HVAC unit are exposed to fluoride or chloride compounds. Acid or chemical exposure can lead to formicary corrosion, which can be difficult to spot.

Anti-corrosive coatings consist of an epoxy primer and a polyurethane top coat. These two materials combine to provide your HVAC unit with maximum protection against any corrosive elements that the unit could be exposed to over time.

Anti-Microbial Coatings

In addition to corrosion, there are other elements that can cause damage to your HVAC unit. The growth of organic materials on the unit can be detrimental to the quality and efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The HVAC unit provides a welcoming environment for mold, mildew, and other organic materials because it is both moist and dark.

You don't want these organic materials finding their way into your air ducts. Exposure to mold or mildew can be detrimental to the health of your customers and employees.

Anti-microbial coatings eliminate organic growth from the surfaces of your HVAC unit. This preserves the indoor air quality within your commercial building and helps to ensure that your HVAC system will last well into the future.

Coating your HVAC unit is a great idea if you want to improve the aesthetic and performance of your HVAC system. Architectural coatings, anti-corrosive coatings, and anti-microbial coatings can each play a valuable role in the protection of your heating and air conditioning system in the future.