Improve Your HVAC With A Smart Thermostat

2 July 2018
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In today's world, HVAC systems are far more advanced and technical in many ways. But these advancements have also made them smarter and easier to use. If you are building a new home and currently choosing your HVAC setup, you have some modern technologies to consider. This is definitely true when it comes to the thermostat. Even in just the last 5 years, thermostats have advanced tremendously.

New Thermostats Will Save Your Money

Programmable smart thermostats enable homeowners to get the most out of their heating and air conditioning without using an unnecessary amount of electricity. When you use an old fashioned  lever style thermostat, you usually end up being a little wasteful. That is, you might turn on your heat when it is already very cold, so it takes longer to heat up. This obviously means that it uses more electricity, and still takes longer to heat your home up.

Heating Between Day and Night

Most people know that, when the thermostat is set at a certain temperature during the night, it doesn't always translate perfectly during the day. For instance, if you have your thermostat set at 75 during the day, it will probably seem rather warm, but at night it might not be warm enough. That is, if it is colder outside, the house will cool down significantly before the heat kicks back in. But during the day, heat from outside the home keeps your house at the right temperature without having to use as much energy.

Smarter Heating

This is why smart thermostats are so handy. Smart thermostats have applications and control panels that you can open up on a computer. You can set your thermostat hour by hour to preempt temperature changes, and keep your home comfortable. Smart thermostats can account for the outside temperature, not just the inside temperature.

Usually, using a small amount of electricity to heat your home just a couple of degrees hour by hour ends up being cheaper than using a ton of electricity to heat your home up for 5 degrees all at once.

Most smart thermostats cost less than $200. They are sold at many retail and home improvement stores, and they are very easy to self-install if you follow the instructions. They can be set up on pretty much any central HVAC system. So, you don't even need to upgrade the actual AC or heating appliances to start saving money on their operating costs.

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