2 Things You Can Do To Keep Your HVAC System Heating The House Properly

3 December 2017
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As the winter approaches many people are wondering what they can do to make sure that they keeping their house warm while still staying in budget. It can be hard not to crank up the heater and get the house nice and toasty, but just know your heating bill will be outrageous if you don't take steps to make your house more efficient at holding in the heat. Here are some things you should know.

1. Make Sure The House Is Insulated Well

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not checking the insulation in their house. Of course, it is important to have the actual insulation between the walls updated if the house is older, but you can also keep the house insulated through the windows and the doors. Too many people have air seeping out of their doors and windows and because of that, no matter how hard they crank the heat, it will always need to be turned up because the heat is leaving the house.

You should be looking at the weather stripping around the doors of the house. This will tell you whether or not the doors are sealing properly. Over time the weather stripping will wear down and should be replaced. In addition, look at your door from the outside when it is dark. If you can see light coming through the door crevices then you know that the stripping is not doing it's job.

Second, check the windows often. The windows let air pass through if they do not fit the pane properly, or if they are too old. Periodically touch the window and see if it is cold to the touch. If the temperature more closely reflects the outside, then you have a problem.

2. Have The HVAC System Serviced Regularly

Another mistake that people make is thinking that the HVAC system doesn't need maintenance. They only call for heating service when it gives them problems. But fixing a bad HVAC is much more expensive than regular maintenance you can prevent problems and save money by getting the system maintained.

Additionally, the more efficient your system is the more money you will save. It will use less energy to give you the same amount of heat. Thus, you will see your utility go down if you have a well maintained unit.

As you can see these are two simple things you can do to save money while keeping your house warm.