Cold House? Check Your Gas Furnace's Air Filter And Blower Motor

7 August 2017
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When the weather takes a turn for the worst, the last thing you want to deal with is a poorly performing gas furnace. Although gas furnaces can break down from old age, the problem may not be as dire as you think. Your furnace may actually need a new air filter and clean blower compartment. If these parts clog up with dirt, your furnace won't warm up your house properly. Here's how a dirty air filter and blower compartment can make your gas furnace 

What's Wrong With Your Furnace?

Your furnace relies on a clean air filter to heat your home properly. If you don't change the filter every one to three months, your gas furnace could potentially experience problems with the motor blower and other internal parts. As the heart of your gas furnace, the electrical motor blower can overheat if a clogged air filter restricts airflow to it. 

The blower and its fan sits inside a large compartment called the blower. The motor and fan ensure that hot air reaches the furnace's burners and heat exchanger for distribution into your home. If the motor and fan clog up with debris due to a faulty air filter, the parts can't transfer heated air. As a result, your home stays cold and drafty.

You can try to solve your furnace's problems with the information below.

How Do You Solve the Problems at Hand?

Before you begin, turn off the gas and electric power to the furnace. Next, remove the dirty air filter and replace it with a clean one. During the replacement, check the air filter compartment for dust, dirt, and cobwebs. If the compartment is soiled, clean it with a slightly damp towel. You can also vacuum out the compartment if it's easier for you. 

Finally, inspect the blower motor compartment for buildup. You may need to remove the side panel covering the blower compartment to access it. Examine the motor, fan, and all over parts inside the compartment. If the parts appear covered or blocked with debris, gently clean them with your towel, then dry allow the parts to dry. 

Return gas and electric power to your furnace, then wait for the appliance to fire up. Check the air registers or vents in your home to see if warm air passes through them. If your home feels warm and comfortable, you've solved the problem. 

If your home still feels uncomfortably cold, contact a furnace repair technician for services, such as from Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division. Your furnace may need additional maintenance.