Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

14 July 2017
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The air conditioning system in your home is a very important aspect of your overall comfort. It is the air conditioning system that makes those hot summer days bearable. However, if you have a problem with your air conditioning system, it can be extremely frustrating and expensive to fix. The best way to keep your system up and running properly and to stay away from costly repair bills is to maintain the air conditioning system. There are a few things that should be done to maintain the system. Here are a few simple ideas that every homeowner should do. 

Clean The Filter

If dust and other debris get into the air conditioning system, it can cause a lot of damage. There are a lot of moving parts that need to work properly in order to give you that wonderful air conditioning. One of the easiest things that a home owner should do is replace or wash out the air filter. This is generally very easy to do and will only require you to have a basic tool set. These filters are generally inexpensive and keep the air conditioning system working properly. 


The compressor that is outside of your house plays an integral role in your air conditioning system.The compressor circulates the coolant necessary for heat exchange through all the coils of the indoor and outdoor air conditioning system. It is very important that the compressor is taken care of. The first thing that you should check is if there is any debris inside the compressor. If you find debris, simply clean it out. The next aspect of the compressor is whether it is level. If your compressor is not level, the coolant will not be able to flow through the coils properly. If your compressor is not on a concrete slab, then you may want to have a concrete slab installed to ensure that your compressor is level at all times.

The Air Ducts

You should have your air ducts cleaned professionally at least every other year. However, it is a good idea to take a vacuum and clean out the ducts on a monthly basis. Over time, dust and mold can actually get caught in the bends of the air duct system. This can cause a lot of health problems; dust and mold are allergens, but they can also cause the air conditioning system to work much harder than needed.