How Trees Around Your House Affect Your House's Indoor Temperature And AC's Efficiency

13 April 2017
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Many people don't know that the plants around their house affect their house's interior temperatures. The effects may be desirable or undesirable depending on your climate. Here are three specific ways in which plants can affect the

Reduced Heat Absorption

Trees reduce your home's temperature via two main ways. The first way is by shading your house; shaded areas tend to have lower temperatures than areas that receive direct sunlight. The second method is via evapotranspiration, which is the release of water from plants (this cools the environment). These two things mean that planting trees near your house reduces the amount of heat absorbed through the walls and roofs. This is beneficial during the summer because it reduces the amount of heat the cooling system has to eliminate from the house to maintain your desired temperature.


Trees can also affect your AC's performance by insulating your house from outdoor temperatures. This is possible when you plant bushy trees near your house's exterior. The trees will also act as a windbreak by blocking the cold winter winds from reaching your house.

The insulation capacity of trees may be a good or bad thing depending on your local climate. For example, it can help keep the house cool in warm or temperate climates (that is a good thing) or prevent the sunlight from reaching the house in cold climates (that is bad).

Reduced Airflow

Lastly, the trees around your house can also affect your house's heating and cooling by blocking airflow to your AC's outdoor unit. This happens if you have planted the trees too close to the outdoor unit and they working as a windbreak. It can also happen if the trees are shedding debris, such as leaves and dead branches, which are blocking the condenser coils. Both things lead to an overworked AC system, and an overworked system isn't as efficient as one working within its limits. You will also have to contend with more frequent breakdowns and repairs. Therefore, even if you want trees near your home, ensure they aren't too close to the outdoor unit of the AC.

Therefore, keep your air conditioner in mind when planning your landscaping. Make sure that the plants won't cause undesirable effects on your house's temperature and make your AC work harder than it should. In fact, if you are planning extensive landscaping, consult an AC technician to give you the green light as far as the effect on your AC's efficiency is concerned.