Heat Installation Tips for Your Garage

19 August 2020
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For many homeowners, the garage is an extension of their living space. You may have your utility room, including laundry, set up in the garage, or perhaps the garage doubles as a workshop for home improvement or hobby activities. If so, adding heat to the garage can help make the space more usable during the winter months. The following information can help you extend heat to the garage painlessly. Choose a Heating Method Read More 

AC Repair Tips For Malfunctioning Window Units

23 July 2020
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A window unit air conditioner can allow you to easily cool specific rooms in the home. However, these units can be less reliable than large central air conditioning systems. When your window unit AC is starting to malfunction, there are a few steps that can help you to get it working again. Check the Coils The coils of a window air conditioning unit can be prone to becoming coated in a thick layer of dust that can insulate them. Read More 

3 Signs That Indicate That Your Air Conditioner’s Drain Line Is Clogged

22 June 2020
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Most people who live in very hot climates use their home's air conditioning every day during the summer months. A residential air conditioning system is designed to work efficiently for many years, but just like any other complex appliance, an air conditioner can develop issues that need to be repaired. One common air conditioning issue that requires repair is a clogged drain line. An air conditioner operates by removing moisture from the air, and as the water cools, it slowly drips into the condensate pan and then flows into the drain line. Read More 

AC Maintenance On The Condenser Fins Helps Your Air Conditioner Operate More Efficiently

15 May 2020
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When you think of AC maintenance, you might think of changing the filter or having a tune-up in the spring, but you might not give much thought to what an AC maintenance technician actually does. They perform many checks and preventative maintenance tasks on both the indoor and outdoor parts of your AC. One important job is cleaning and straightening the fins. Here's a look at the purpose of the fins, how they get damaged, and how a service tech maintains them. Read More 

Three Important Considerations For Buying A New Air Conditioning System

14 April 2020
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Air conditioners are constantly getting more efficient and convenient, and with plenty of options to choose from, some research is necessary to make sure you're getting exactly what you need. Buying your air conditioner can depend upon the size of your house and where you live, what you want your air conditioner to do, and what convenience options you want from it once it's all set up. Here's what to look for. Read More